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  • Why read the Bible from beginning to end?
    If we believe that the Bible is God's word to mankind, it is important that we read and study it, so that we know the best way to live our lives according to His wishes. Reading the Bible from cover to cover is a wonderful discipline for every Christian and gives us the big picture of God's character and dealings with humanity.
  • Why read it in community?
    There's something encouraging about knowing that other people are taking on the same challenge you are. This is why people trying to lose weight, or to overcome alcohol or drug abuse find support and guidance from others who are on the same journey. Communionet groups read a daily prayer key that is used as the focus in prayer. Many of the keys also reinforce the teaching of the Bible reading for the week. Likewise, reading the Word together with others is a way to grow together with others.
  • Why read the Bible, if I can't understand it?"
    We know that many people have found some of the books of the Bible difficult to understand. The Old Testament is full of prophetic imagery, as well as specific prohibitions and dietary guidelines that we don't practice today. This year we are including links to a video introduction for each book of the Bible we read. This will improve our historical understanding and give us more context as we read the Bible. In other words, although there is a benefit to the discipline of reading, we plan to provide tools to make reading more understandable.
  • Why should pastors read the Bible through a plan?
    We are blessed and delighted to have several pastors praying with us at Comunionet. It is important that they also read the entire Bible throughout the year. There is often a tendency for pastors to only pick up their Bibles when they have to prepare a sermon. But reading the Bible consistently gives them a chance to stay in the Word without the pressure of preparing a sermon.
  • How do I know how much to read?
    When you sign up for the plan (using the YouVersion app, or by downloading the document with the readings listed), you'll already have your daily reading chapters divided, so you know how much to read each day.
  • What do I do if I'm late?
    Unfortunately, things happen that can throw us out of our routine of reading the daily portion of Scripture. A good idea for those moments is to simply turn off the television and leave the social networks. That way, we can have an hour or two to catch up.
  • What if I didn't start the plan on January 1?
    If you're using the YouVersion app, there's an easy way to reset your Bible Reading Plan to start on January 1, even if you started the plan on a different day of the year. Here are the instructions on the YouVersion website: To sync your plan with other users using the same plan, or to reset your plan start date: 1. Determines which day of the plan the other users are on (this example uses day 145 of a 365-day plan). 2. Select the third day before the date you want to sync with (in this example it would be day 142). 3. Mark all passages as completed (or read) that day. 4. Do the same for days 143 and 144. You will now have three days marked complete before the sync date. 5. Make sure there are no days marked as complete after day 145 and select day 145 to be the active day - Go to the main calendar and check if partial completed days are circled in green. 6. Select the reading plan menu (the three dots icon) and check “Catch up”. 7. To have the full reading plan when you're done, you'll need to manually mark as “read” every day between 0 and 144
  • What is Communion?
    Communionet is an international network of people who pray together daily for 10 minutes in virtual groups. Meetings are scheduled at 15-minute intervals, 24 hours a day. Communionet was founded by Pastor Sergio Scataglini in April 2003 (see< /p>
  • What is the mission of Communionet?
    Our mission is to embrace the world in prayer! Our goal is to double the number of groups each year; each group plants a clump.
  • What happens during a prayer group meeting?
    During the 10-minute meeting, the daily director reads the “Key” (the prayer focus for each day that all groups follow), receives people's prayer requests, and everyone in the group prays in turns First-time visitors are always encouraged to listen. Each meeting culminates with a strong statement of “Praise God!”
  • How do I join a prayer group?
    From the home page, scroll down until you see the list of prayer groups. Find a time that matches your schedule, click on the meeting link (via Skype or Facebook group), or call the teleconference number listed there. You can also search by leader's name or based on the type of group you want to join.
  • Do I need any special software to join a group?
    To join a Skype group, you will need to download the free Skype application and create your own profile (account), before clicking the link to join the group. To join a Facebook Messenger group, download the Messenger app on your computer or phone, before clicking the link to join the group.
  • Is there a cost?
    No, there is no cost to join the network. However, the network is sustained through voluntary offerings. To donate, simply navigate to the “Donate” page on the Comunionet website (for more information, see the section on Donations in this Frequently Asked Questions Manual).
  • Am I expected to join the same prayer group every day?
    It is recommended to be part of a specific prayer group, in order to get to know each other and pray as a team.
  • What are the benefits of joining a prayer group?
    You will receive daily encouragement and instruction to live a life of holiness. You will learn to be faithful in prayer. You will be encouraged to read the Bible methodically. You have a place where you can invite others who need help and encouragement.
  • Additional support available to participants
    You will have access to occasional live meetings on Facebook: /Rev.Sergio.Scataglini/ You will have the opportunity to create your own group, so you can lead others. Hundreds of videos of encouragement and instruction are available on the YouTube channel Rev. Sergio Scataglini.
  • More information about prayer groups
    Groups are made up of a maximum of ten people, and meet for ten minutes each day. In addition to praying together daily, as a community we follow an annual Bible reading plan. Participation is optional, but reading the entire Bible in a year is a great encouragement. Our goal is to double the number of groups each year.
  • Do you have a problem finding or joining a prayer group?
    “I clicked on a group, but nothing happens”: If you have a mobile device, you may need to scroll down to see the details of the group you have selected. If you have any other issues, please feel free to contact us here or send us an email at
  • The link to the prayer group is not working or there is no one there.
    We work diligently to ensure that the links in each group are up to date. If you discover that a link is not working properly, please contact us and feel free to select a different group in your preferred time slot.< /p> Check what time the group meets. The group will only be active praying during the hours that are next to the group title. Please note that meeting times are listed in Central Time. There is a clock showing Central Time just below the group listing.
  • How can I report a problem with the website?
    If you find a link that isn't working, a button that doesn't lead anywhere, or if you're getting an error message, please report those technical issues here
  • Problems with Skype, Messenger, teleconference system, etc."
    We are happy to help with any matter related to However, problems with Skype, Messenger or any other application outside of us will need to be handled by contacting your own technical support team: Help with Skype:< /a> Help with Messenger: / Help with FreeConferenceCall:
  • Where can I find the "meeting link" for my Facebook Messenger group?"
    Before we begin, note that you need to set your Facebook profile to public. You can do this by going to, going to the “settings” page, and checking “yes” to the question “Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile” in the Privacy section. Once you've done this, click your name at the top of the screen and then copy the URL at the top of the screen. It should look like this: " This is the url that you will use as your “Meeting Link” when you register or modify your prayer group at
  • What does it mean to be a “leader” of Comunionet?
    A Communionet leader is a person who plants and oversees a daily prayer group. He “hosts” the prayer meeting: he provides the daily Prayer Key and appoints daily leaders within the group, who help him lead each day.
  • How can I become a group leader?
    Become part of an existing Communionet prayer group and get approval from your group leader to plant your own. Find at least two people who will volunteer to be a part of your new prayer group at designated times. Choose a connection method (Skype, Messenger,, etc.). Create your “group” (on FB or Messenger) and add your participants to the group. Register the new group by clicking on the “Leaders” button on the Comunionet website and selecting “Create group”. Note: You will need to copy the “meeting link” from the app you used to create the group and paste it into this form. -In the FB Messenger group, click “i”, then “share link” to copy the link. -In the Skype group, click on the name of the group; then “manage group” and “share link to join group”. By completing the form (Create group), your group will be automatically displayed on the Comunionet website and you will be registered as the leader.
  • What are my responsibilities as a leader?
    Chair your group prayer meeting daily (start the call). Fill out the Leader's Report weekly (see the “Leader's Report” section below) to obtain the weekly Prayer Key. Read the Prayer Key aloud to the group during daily meetings. When you have members who attend faithfully, assign Daily Directors -- people who can lead the meeting on a designated day of the week. Encourage your group participants to invite new people, until they reach a maximum of ten participants. Contact people in your group, when necessary, to ensure their attendance. Be looking for a person from your group who is capable of leading/planting a new group (we ask each group to plant at least one new group each year). Living in holiness through faith in Christ (1 Corinthians 1:30). When possible, attend the group(s) your leaders have planted. Encourage the leader(s) to visit your starter group at least once a week, to help maintain a two-way connection.
  • How do I register my new group so that it appears on
    From, click on the “Leaders” button. Select “Create Group” (Note: you will need to copy the “meeting link” from the app you used to create the group, and paste it into this form). Keep in mind that you will need to convert your local time to Central Time. By completing the form (Create group), your group will automatically appear on the Comunionet website, and you will be registered as the leader.
  • What is the Leader Report and how can I complete it?
    The Leader Report is a very simple weekly form about your group that takes less than a minute to complete. It is the way in which the Comunionet Team can know if your registered group is active or not. Expires every Monday at 5 pm Central Time. Once sent, you will receive the Prayer Keys for the following week via email. At, click on the “Leaders” button, then on “Leader's Report”, and from there you can fill out a form for each group you lead.
  • What is the Weekly Prayer Key and how do I access it?
    The Weekly Prayer Key is a written prayer guide used by all prayer groups in Communionet. The Daily Prayer Key is read aloud at the beginning of each meeting. Each group leader receives the Prayer Key via email, upon completion of their weekly Leader Report. The Prayer Key can be shared with the group through Skype chat or FB Messenger groups, or by email in the case of teleconference groups.
  • How do I modify or close a prayer group?
    If you need to create, modify or close a prayer group, you can do so on the "Manage your group" page at (www Just click on the option you need, fill out the form, and we'll take care of the rest.
  • Who do I contact if problems occur?
    If you need help with anything related to leading your group, please contact your supervisor (the leader who guided you through the process of becoming a leader) first. As a leader, you will also have access to the WhatsApp Leaders Group. Here you can communicate with other leaders of the Comunionet network to get help.
  • ¿Qué es un Director Diario?
    1. El Director Diario reemplaza al líder para dirigir la reunión en su día designado. 2. El “DD” debe visitar la página web antes de la reunión que va a dirigir y copiar la llave que corresponde a su día (lunes, jueves, etc.) bajo “Llave de oración”. 3. Una vez copiada la llave, abre el app que usa el grupo (e.g. Whatsapp o Skype), y pega la llave en el chat. 4. Cuando llega el horario para la reunión, el DD inicia la llamada desde el app del grupo. 5. Una vez que todos se conectan, el DD saluda a todos y pasa el video de la llave (Usando otro dispositivo para pasar el audio, o pidiendo a otro miembro del grupo que lo haga, si no tiene otro dispositivo disponible). 6. El DD pide las peticiones y las asigna en el grupo. 7. La norma para el grupo es que la reunión dura 10 – 15 minutos máximo cada día. El DD trata de dirigir dentro de ese tiempo. 8. El DD cierre la reunión con dirigir el grupo en su grito de victoria, “Gloria a Dios”
  • How can I donate?
    Communionet is a ministry under Scataglini Ministries, Inc. (SMI), a 501(C)(3) non-profit religious organization, and is supported by voluntary donations. You can donate by going to Donations can be made by credit card, debit card or PayPal. Note that in many nations, banks provide a free debit card (no need to have a credit card then). Donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt for each donation. For inquiries, contact
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    Credit card Debit card PayPal Money order (via mail) Bank transfer (via Zelle) Western Union (ask for details)
  • Is it safe to donate on your website?
    Yeah! We use financial processing institutions that have ensured encryption for all of their transactions. SMI does not have access to nor does it store your financial information.
  • Prayer Group Guidelines / Code of Conduct
    Prayer should be the main focus of every meeting. Avoid distractions such as discussions of politics, sports, food, etc. No sales or promotion should be done in the group, apart from prayer and networking activities.
  • Report a problem
    Communionet will never ask for your personal information (such as your identification number, payment details, login information, etc.) during the prayer meeting. If you think someone is abusing the Comunionet system, please contact us. This includes disrespectful treatment by someone, using prayer meetings for anything other than prayer, asking for personal information, asking for donations, or any other inappropriate behavior.
  • Who is responsible for discipline in groups?
    In the rare case that someone, especially a leader under your supervision, needs correction, please contact Mentor Sergio Scataglini directly at his email:
  • Contact information
    Web pages You Tube (channel for Communionet & SMI): Mentor Sergio Facebook (for SMI & Comunionet): Rev. Sergio Scataglini Email address: Email address: Scataglini Ministries, Inc. PO Box 301 Mesa, Arizona 85211-0301 USA SMI/Communionet Telephone: +1 574-259-7729 For questions not answered in this manual Contact us at
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